8 chicken drumsticks

12 merguez sausages

500g semolina

1 tin of tomato concentrate

2 vegetable stock cubes

couscous spices

(raz el hanout spice mix)


1 teaspoon harissa

3 tomatoes

2 courgettes

4/5 carrots

400g chick peas

10 turnips

Wash and peel the carrots, turnips and the tomatoes, and dice them.

Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil to a pressure cooker. Cook the chicken drumsticks until golden brown. 

Once golden, add 1 litre of water to the dish and add the vegetable stock cubes, tomato concentrate, carrots, turnips, tomatoes,  couscous spices and harissa.

Cook for 40 minutes once it has been pressurised. Meanwhile, wash and cube the courgette and drain the chickpeas.

Once the 40 minutes has passed, add the courgette and chickpeas. Cook for a further 20 minutes. Meanwhile, cook the merguez in a large frying pan. Then add it to the pressure cooker. You can turn it off and keep the meat and vegetable mixture warm. 

If you have a couscoussier, you can use it to prepare the semolina, if not, use a casserole dish. 

You can serve your couscous in a large dish by arranging the semolina around the vegetables and meat.

Enjoy your meal!