It is at the very heart of Occitanie, in Castelnaudary, a region brimming with tradition and culinary know-how, that our company Les Occitanes was established. We make a range of quality sausages in keeping with regional customs.

In this tradition-rich area, near the Canal du Midi, the men and women in our company produce gourmet recipes, for you, every day!

 Quality, tradition, and know-how are the hallmarks of Les Occitanes. For us, every moment spent savouring our products must be devoted to taste, conviviality, and pleasure.

Situated in an exceptional area with a rich cultural and culinary heritage, it is between the mountains and within the valleys of Occitanie that we both draw our inspiration and source our supplies of raw materials.

We prioritise the quality of the latter, complete mastery of the manufacturing process, and favour short food supply chains. Traceability is essential to us.

Therefore, we are also committed to offering you the best raw materials, which are meticulously selected and processed.




Our pork products have the Porc Occitan (Occitan Pork) label.

Occitan Pork comes from a pig that is born, raised, slaughtered, cut, and processed

within the Occitanie region. Very strict specifications provide a certain guarantee on

the origin and quality of the meat. Additionally, and because we are concerned about the

environment and animal welfare, our Occitan Pork is created using sustainable agriculture

and processes that are respectful of the environment. Quality feed and rearing conditions

that respect the animal’s welfare provide a high-quality meat.


As for our sausages, they have the Véritable Saucisse de Toulouse (Genuine Toulouse Sausage)

label, a designation that only very few manufacturers claim. This high-quality sausage is exclusively made in Haute Garonne and its neighbouring communes. Expertly prepared in our factories, its unique identity and traditional character will delight both young and old palates!


Our Sud de France (South of France) labelled products exude conviviality, authenticity, and modernity. Therefore, some of our sausages have this label, which promotes the products and know-how of the region.

In a permanent effort to do well and to answer your quest for natural, we have developed a range of products from organic farming, a method of production that uses cultivation and breeding practices concerned with the respect of natural degree.

Taste, conviviality, and pleasure are the ingredients that Les Occitanes works with every day in order to provide you with tasty products that you can enjoy alone and with friends!


Les Occitanes: Taste, Conviviality, Pleasure!


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